Transactional Analysis: The Theory Of Good Communication

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Good communication is a skill commonly listed on a Curriculum Vitae, it is a requirement in most professions, but how many of us possess the ability to communicate effectively irrespective of the situation or environment? Communication is ”the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium”(Oxford University Press, 2018). However, to do so effectively one must transmit, interpret, and adapt their method of communication to suit the situation or individual. This essay will explore the theory of Transactional Analysis and relate the model to a personal experience. Through reflection, I will demonstrate an understanding of my cultural influences, the impact these have on my communication style and how I can improve future interactions by applying the principles of Transactional Analysis in my approach.
Transactional Analysis (T.A) is a social psychological theory that incorporates a blend of psychoanalytical and humanistic concepts and values in its approach. Developed in the 1960s by psychoanalyst Eric Berne, its emphasis focusses on comprehending patterns of personal interactions (McLeod, 2009, p. 249). According to McLeod (2009) the cornerstone of T.A is deeply rooted in human motivation and values, it explores the structure of the personality and addresses the notion for personal recognition during social intercourse (p. 250). Berne (1961) suggests, the personality is comprised of three ego states, which interchange and react
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