Transactional Leadership In The Los Angeles Police Department

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Leadership in Policing Jana Boudreaux Southern University at New Orleans Abstract Leadership is a force that helps the followers to change their minds, attitude and personality; therefore, effective leadership is important to implement changes in a positive manner. Transactional leadership is typically considered a transaction between the leader and a follower. Authoritarian style of leadership is usually followed in the police department. This style of leadership portrays a very clear divide between the leader and the follower. The concept of shared leadership is not widely practiced in policing but this concept will be helpful to generate synergy. The worst example of leadership was shown by Los Angeles Police Department; when they…show more content…
Although, there are myriad definitions to the term, but there is a consensus in its measurement and the core concept behind it. According to Bass (1990), there is multitude of scholars that studies the concept of leadership and thus there are many notions that define it. Bas has conceptualized all these definitions under a unifying theme and he has expounded it as concept concept that influence an individual or group to comply through power, charisma, other behavior or persuasion. These acts are done under a coordinated and structure manner to achieve some pre-set…show more content…
Leaders in the policing circle will be able to earn more respect from their subordinates if they display traits like trustworthiness, humility, inspiration, vision cleverness, empathy and loyalty. The traits, which will make a leader drop down from a leadership ladder, are arrogance, lack of trustworthiness, insensitivity to others, micro-management and intimidation. Leaders are offered with a powerful and new paradigm when they service the lawful needs of their subordinates and he needs of the people around them. Historically, the management of police has been done through autocratic style of leadership that displays great power practiced by the leader or it has also been practiced through a democratic culture. There are situations in which police officer do require the need of certain orders and demands such as in the case of tragedy or crisis but research highlights a situation which is quite contrary to this. According to research, the leader who encourages participation, avoid domination, provide independence, and practice mutual respect and at the same time provide clear direction will be able to achieve higher organizational goals. If there is changes that need to made within the organization, this type of leadership would help the employees adjust to the changes. This is the type of leadership I would
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