Transatlantic Slave Trade Essay

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Jack Babbage Mr. Class Western Civ. December 13th What made the transAtlantic slave trade expand even with the consequences for the enslaved? While the Atlantic slave trade may be widely considered to have been horrible, certain aspects of it had productive benefits. The transAtlantic Slave trade was a path across the Atlantic Ocean that brought slaves from Africa to the Americas and also Europe. The Atlantic Slave trade brought 12.5 million Africans from Africa to the Americas, with smaller groups going to the Atlantic islands and also Europe[1]. A big factor of why the Slave Trade was popular was the inequality of enslaved Africans. The enslaved Africans were viewed as property, meaning they could be sold and shipped off across the sea for work and labor. The Transatlantic slave trade expanded despite the consequences for the enslaved africans because of economic success, transportation of new goods to new places, and…show more content…
The triangular trade was a trade of goods and slaves between Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Africa’s main job in the triangular trade was producing slaves. African chieftains traded and own number of slaves. Europeans swapped goods like liquor, fabrics, gunpowder, spices, foods, fur for the slaves. Goods were also produced in american colonies by slaves. Goods like sugar, cotton, tobacco, molasses, rum, spices, and other goods moved into europe. Europeans would try to duplicate the good and sell it.[4] The triangular made a lot of busy noise of new goods in Europe. The Europeans were trading well. The new goods of the trade caused an increase in the popularity of trade. Also the movement of new goods created a basis for the future such as cattle in the Americas. The triangular trade was very important for new goods being shipped to different places, but it does not make the treatment of enslaved africans right or
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