Transcendentalism: Christopher Mccandless

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Transcendentalism is a controversial movement that was a protest to intellectualism and spirituality at the time. These ideals were outlined in David Thoreau 's Walden, which described his journey living in the forest, and what he learned from it. He believed that people should remove themselves from society to further their “journey” to become a better person, and not be so reliant on society. Despite his interesting topic, the message that he is trying to convey is dangerous. I do not believe his message is realistic, as he preaches about living off the land, and advises to not buy anything you don’t need or can’t make yourself, which would ruin society due to making it less reliant on each other. This would remove the need to communicate with each other, thus going against the point of having a society.
Despite the supposed “benefits” of individuality, it is nearly, if not completely impossible to achieve it, especially in the case of Christopher McCandless. This is because the stress of doing everything for yourself is too much for anyone to handle. You have to care for yourself, feed yourself, find water, and find shelter, all while having to deal with the stress of the environment around you. This is unfortunately why Christopher McCandless lost his life, because he could not adapt to the harsh Canadian climate, and he is suspected of dying due to a lack of materials and starvation. Even he knew it was his end, as he wrote this near his shelter, “S.O.S. I need your
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