Transcendentalism In Literature

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Braeton Richardson
Lisa Hayes
English 5-6
27 September 2016
Gone But Not Forgotten
Emerson and Thoreau are two of America 's most notable poets. Their works are recognizable to masses of high schoolers and college students alike, because of the size of their contribution to American literature. Transcendentalism is present in today 's society and affects the way we think, even so many years later.
In literature today there are aspects of transcendentalism that can be seen as timeless. Though some tendencies would be better forgotten to time, they tend to be the ones that exist the most. In the book “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, a woman is basically “slut shamed” due to her committing act of adultery and having a bastard child.
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The song says multiple times that love is going to come back into their lives and that all is not lost. This is reinforced when in “Love Song” the also offer help in the form of friendship, as shown when they say “I 'll be right there for you/When you need a friend” (Tesla L. 4-5). The song also says how many opportunities there are for new love even tho this old one has died as shown when they say “Love is knockin ' outside your door” (Tesla L. 11). The song is trying to convey an overall theme that love is eternal and that no matter what happens, love will always find a way to make it back into your life regardless of the way that it had to leave your life previously. The theme of love over all shown in “Love Song” by Tesla falls under the tenet of good comes out of all bad situations. As Jeff Keith sings about love finding a way, it further proves that hope is always present and possible in all of our lives and that we want to believe and do, that the Transcendentalist idea of the law of compensation is very much so in…show more content…
Ender is taught this without realizing that it is the actual war he is fighting in his simulations. Orson Scott Card, the author of the book that the movie is based on, causes the boy to begin to think about his gut feeling that is present occasionally near the end of the movie that what they did was wrong. This thinking leads Ender to believe that he has made a grievous mistake and decides to do his best to right his wrong after a period of time. Ender ends up helping to let the race survive in later instalments of the story and this thinking to actualize that authority of his intuition as to right and wrong is what helps prevent the total genocide of a whole species of sentient life. This being an act of civil disobedience as the race at the time was thought to be a threat to humanity, this is also something used often by Thoreau during his time of writing to try to get government reforms, Ender ends up doing what his intuition, aided by rational thought tells him to

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