Transcendentalism In Dead Poet's Society

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Transcendentalism is one of the most influential fundamentals of man-kind. Transcendentalism is the enjoyment of nature, surpassing yourself to find a greater purpose, and connecting with the Oversoul. In the movie Dead Poet’s Society, one of the professors believed education was meant for teaching people to think for themselves; he believed that if you can’t think for yourself, then you’re not truly living your life, you’re living someone else’s. The man in question was English Professor John Keating. Keating was a true free thinker, he pushed his students to think for themselves. In addition to his progressive nature, Keating did not have an issue defying against authority figures; when he felt he wasn’t able to be his true self, he said what he believed and didn’t let anybody halt or sway him. Lastly, Keating treasured nature and being in the outdoors. Because of his numerous open-minded qualities, it is apparent that Professor Keating, or “Captain” as his students chose to call him, was a tremendously transcendental character. Open mindedness is a monumentally influential element of modern society. Free-thinking is when a person doesn’t let someone…show more content…
Keating, has no problem rebelling against authority figures when he thinks that they are suppressing his mind or opinion. For instance, when the boys stood on their desks in respect for Mr. Keating, Mr. Nolan told him to leave as he was standing in the doorway watching: “Thank you, boys. Thank you” (Williams). Furthermore, while Keating was teaching he told the boys to rip the first section out of their books, when they hesitated he said “It’s not the Bible, you’re not gonna go to Hell for this,” (Williams). Moreover, Keating also told his students “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world,” (Williams). In closing, Professor Keating loves seeing his students to think on their own and not think how authority figures tell them
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