Transcendentalism In Education

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America has come a long way in its education system. It is easier now, more than ever, for people of any race or gender to get an education. However, it is arguable that the educational system does not do its job to prepare students to become successful young adults. There are many flaws in the order of education, which causes students to worry more about satisfying others with test scores and academics rather than actually preparing them for the real world. While the educational system does prepare students for the academic stress of college, it does not qualify students to become young, successful adults and survive in the real world. Most of these students pass through too many years during their high school lives feeling like they don’t measure up, and most kids graduate only knowing if they’re good at school or not. The educational system is flawed and it does not prepare students to become successful adults. Being a successful adult does not mean being ridiculously rich, but to live comfortably and to do what you love in the business world. Most adults in today 's world have jobs that stress them out so much to the point where they despise going to work every day. This is because schools do not help teach students to find their niche or their individualism. Transcendentalism is a belief system that relates closely to this idea of teaching students to find their individual talents and embracing them. Ralph Waldo Emerson was an influential Transcendentalist who helped
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