Zoidberg Futurama Analysis

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We all dream of a more simple life, one without the need for large amounts of money, or top of the line technology. In the TV series “Futurama” written and produced by David X. Cohen (Producer of the simpsons) we see Dr. John A. Zoidberg (better known as Zoidberg) who lives this more simple, yet elegant lifestyle. Even in the year 3000 he proves that no matter when you are the transcendentalist life is possible. Zoidberg is a Decapodian, a lobsterish alien from Decapod 10; he is the staff doctor at the delivery company at planet express, and lives in their dumpster. Zoidberg lives his transcendentalist life style with a few bold characteristics such as his lack of material possessions, his doctorates degree in art history or his care for his…show more content…
Zoidberg 's doctorates in art history(s7 ep6) allows him to appreciate art to its potential, even if not for the intended reasons. While Zoidberg does enjoy art, it is not always for its looks, or meaning of the art, rather how the piece tastes, and how it smells, but the great thing about art is how everyone can interpret art in their own way. Zoidberg also has an interest in the performing arts, as he was in a movie, directed by his uncle who was known for his comedy.(s3 ep8), and has been seen going to a concert(s4 ep18). An appreciation for art of a higher stature is a very important part of the transcendentalist movement, and seen through other transcendentalist…show more content…
Their belief in the romantic side of zoidberg lies in a few minor details found in “Futurama”. One example of this is when Zoidberg purchases the new eyePhone(s6 ep3). another reason people may believe Zoidberg is more of a romantic is due to his moodiness; Zoidberg can go from happy to balling his eyes out in a matter of seconds,and during mating season got very enraged(s2 ep9). Another reason Zoidberg is believed not to be living a transcendentalist life is due to his constant dwelling in the past, primarily about regrets he has about the way he lived his life and his parents pushing him to go to college for something he never wanted to
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