Transcendentalism In Neil Perry's Dead Poets Society

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“I went into the woods because i wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.” This meant that you live how you want to live and do whatever you want to be free from conformity in your life. This quote by Henry David Thoreau is what the Dead Poets Society and its members lived by everyday. The transcendentalist members always acted differently and disobeyed many so that they could follow in the footsteps of the original Dead Poets Society. In doing so the characters were punished for not conforming to both the school of Welton and their parents. In the movie many characters showed traits of transcendentalism, for example Neil Perry showed many signs of nonconformity towards his father by not listening to his command to become a doctor. Knox Overstreet showed during the film human potential by trying to believe in himself and trying to get a girl from another school. Finally Todd Anderson who experienced truth through observation by attending the Dead Poets meeting and later by joining the activities the Society does. If you look hard enough in any book,movie, or play you will always find some form of transcendentalism every single time and that will never change.

Throughout the entire movie one of the main characters Neil Perry is seen trying to embrace his decisions against his father 's which makes them fight very often making Neil want to become a nonconformist to not only his father but against society. Neil’s father always
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