Transcendentalism In Social Life Essay

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Is it possible to go on with life today without looking at a phone, computer or tv? Faces are only lit up by the brightness of a phone and connection. A social life is a necessary part of every teenagers day, no playing outside with a ball and being called in at night to have a family dinner. No, minds are focused on unrealistic expectations of a perfect life and someone who enjoys a walk in the park or going to mass on a Sunday is not an outcast or labeled as a ‘hipster’. Taking a step back from technology, people and the busy lives gives you a sense of peace and serenity only to be achieved by living a common day transcendentalist life. Transcendentalism is a simplistic way of life that allows you to take a break from society, connect with nature, and connect with yourself within nature.

The conforming way of society creates a mold of the perfect life, demanding unrealistic expectations, amounts of technolgy and an exuberant
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Emerson explains social institutions want to confine people and when one does not conform or meet the standards of normality they are put into contempt. Society doesn't want all people to fit in because then there would be not right and wrong, or people better than others. Emerson calls on man to be not of what they are asks but who they want to be. “The virtue is most request is conformity, Self reliance is its aversion”, Nature allows you to step away from the restrictions of society. In the movie Into The Wild directed by Sean Penn leaves his college life, family and money to find himself away from social influences. In his essay ______________ , Henry David Thoreau demands manhood lets go of all their frustrations and materialistic things and live a life with “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!”.A place to be an individual and live a self-sufficient life away from humanity in
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