Transcendentalism: Inequality In My Life

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Transcendentalism rejoices the simplicity in life, a connection between man and nature, and the power of the individual. This activity relates to Transcendentalism By analyzing this list of luxuries and necessities, I can determine the lack of simplicity in my life. Just by looking at the size of each list, I can see the wants in my life are more than double my needs. My lists do not reflect the ideas of Transcendentalism; the only idea that relates is soccer to the power of the individual. I play soccer because that is the sport that I am good at. I believe that God put soccer into my life because it brings me happiness and teaches me life lessons such as leadership along with teamwork. Besides soccer, my life does not reflect one of a Transcendentalist.…show more content…
Analyzing the contents of my luxuries, I can see that seven out of the fourteen things are ideas or concepts that I do to impress others. These activities include: social media, hanging out with friends, working out, haircuts every couple weeks, brushing my teeth, going to parties, and studying/getting good grades. All of these activities, despite who I am trying to impress, portray that I need to start focusing more on activities that make me happier rather than trying to impress others. If I did not care about what people thought of me, my luxuries list would be at least half it’s size. This means that to make my life simpler than it is, I need to stop caring what society thinks about me. The concept of disregarding society’s views and being self-reliant is celebrated by Transcendentalists. Although, this is not as easy for me as one may think. I was brought up ever since I was a kid to care what others thought of me. So by following the concepts of Transcendentalists I would be changing the person I
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