Transcendentalism Theme

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Transcendentalism was an era of Philosophical and religious and literary movement in the nineteenth century in England. The transcendentalism theme was started back in the nineteenth century an still carrys into todays every day life in books,songs and movies.One of the transcendentalist themes that they focused on was individuality.This theme focuses on being yourself and being confident in yourself.Some of the people still using the this transcendentalism theme are Caskey with the song “Tats on my neck”,”Mr.misunderstood” by Eric church and the movie Simon burch.”what i do is all that concerns me,not what people think”(pg36).This quote means that all that matters is what you do not what others think because at the end of the day you are…show more content…
Misunderstood is proof that the nineteenth century transcendentalism theme individualism is still around today.Caskey is a rap artist with a song named “tats on my neck”.The old transcendentalist would approve of this as proof of individualism still around today because they started groups to focus on it more.Caskey writes some songs with the theme individualism as the topic.This song fits well with the transcendentalism theme we'll because he talks about the fact that he doesn't care what others think of him even with his tattoos.Simon burch, this movie covers the transcendentalism theme because it's about a young boy who is abnormally short and his best friend makes him forget to care what others think of him as long as he likes who he is.He's always reminding people that he's nothing short of a miracle. The reason the old transcendentalist would approve of this because the two main characters in the movie both have individualism.The supporting facts that the nineteenth century
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