Transcending Stutter Reflection

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Transcending Stutter Reflection The video gave insight into several individual’s life dealing with a transcending stutter. It was very eye opening to see how stuttering affects the daily lives of these people. After viewing this, I have a better understanding of what it is like to live with a transcending stutter. Stuttering affects individuals, their families, and how they act at social institutions. Many of the individuals struggle with their stutter every day. They describe how difficult it was to grow up with a stutter. One individual described how he was unaware of his stutter until his parents told him he had one. One male expressed how he used to order whatever he could say at restaurants so he would not have to deal with his stutter. It made me realize that we take for granted our fluency. It affects all aspects of these individuals lives. These individuals were very inspiring and made me see that it is possible to overcome an obstacle as challenging as a stutter. Not only does it affect individuals but it affects their families as well.…show more content…
They described how supportive and caring their families were, but they could never truly understand what it was like to live with a stutter. Many of their parents were supportive and helped them gain better control of their child’s stutter. The individuals in the video expressed how their families support was very encouraging, but they could never fully understand what it was like to live with this type of fluency disorder. It made me realize that you can never fully comprehend what it is like to live with a stutter unless you have one yourself. This should not stop you from supporting and encouraging these individuals. It is clear that you need to offer any support to these individuals living with a stutter. Families are extremely supportive, but many feared their peers especially at

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