Transcontinental Exchange Research Paper

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The transcontinental exchange of humans in the early 1500s transformed lives and identities, for slavery led to African-Americans becoming enslaved beings and influenced their new arduous way of life. When the African slaves were brought to America this caused a population change that influenced their identity. Africans were now seen as slaves, which meant that they would work for their master for the rest of their life. As soon as they arrived in America they began working every day in the fields (The Atlantic Slave Trade). They had very little time to themselves since they were always working. Slaves also did not have much freedom; therefore, they were not able to have the simpler life that the Europeans had. Slaves were bought and sold to the highest bidder which showed…show more content…
In Africa, it led to a lower population which led to lower economic activity and poverty as millions of people were shipped out of their countries. They were put in these terrible conditions due to the Europeans obliging them to do all of their laborious work (The Atlantic Slave Trade). In America, it led to dramatically higher population and economic activity as the slave trade increased the labor force in mining, farming and different work on plantations. This supported the expansion of their population, which the Europeans believed was necessary to increase and expand their economy. (Forced Crossings) There was always a need for more slaves due to all of the work that the Europeans had.“Therefore, natural increase amount slaves were not enough even to maintain, let alone increase, the slave population and to keep up with the increasing demand for labor” (Forced Crossings). As a result, the slave trade reshaped the Africans way of life to a substandard level as they were forced into taxing work that ultimately changed their way of living, humanity and acceptance into

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