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CHAPTER III METHODOLOGY Research Design This is a survey study in which it covers quantitative analysis of the abundance of Bivalves in correlation to the nitrogenous wastes disposed in the estuaries of Biasong, Talisay City and Suba, Poblacion Argao.To quantify the relative abundance of organisms in an area,transect-quadrat method was used, having ten 1 by 1 m quadrats located in a 10 m transect line.All bivalves present in the quadrat were counted. Description of Sampling Sites The site in Talisay City is located in Barangay Biasong. The river named “Mananga” extends from Talisay City to Minglanilla. The width of the river measures about 10 meters. The Mananga River starts in the middle of Cebu Island and extends up to high mountain ranges at the eastern part of Cebu, it…show more content…
Transect quadrat method Include pictures of the actual quadrats made. 3.4 Counting of Samples In each quadrat, all the bivalves present regardless of its species were counted. The data collected were the number of existing bivalves on each site based from the transect-quadrat line, which was counted manually without age consideration. The bivalves sampled were not collected. Therefore, after the sampling of the bivalves, the organisms were just left on the sampling sites. Insert Pictures Before collection of data, the species found inside the quadrat was identified as bivalve or not.The counting was done once a month for three months— February-April 2017—under a fair weather. Insert Pictures 3.5 Testing of Water Samples Water samples were collected from the surface waters of the two sites - Talisay and Argao. The water samples were sent to Talisay Water Laboratory to measure and determine the nitrogen content of the water in each site. For the water collection, 1 liter per site were collected using the basic water collection protocol such that the bottle used to collect was wrapped with aluminium foil to avoid the water from prolonged exposure to

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