Transference In Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret Life Of Bees

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Transference can lead to future positive impacts as well as negative impacts. Overtime, the impacts of transference led to a greater understanding of how the human brain processes and handles events that has happened in the past. In the novel, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, it describes how transference has a negative impact on an African American family that has experienced transference from past events. Transference has extended across the world, and therapist should treat people who struggle with dreadful transference. This will help improve the way people think about the world and cutback the numerous amounts of suicide attempts. Transference is the psychological phenomenon where it redirects emotions and feelings from one person to another. In addition, transference is the representative of a relationship from childhood. In the article, “Transference” by, it explains, “Transference can also occur in various situations outside of therapy and may form the basis for certain relationship patterns in everyday life.” This explains when transference happens in early childhood, it may affect relationships throughout everyday life. As a result, a child’s emotion can impact him/herself negatively towards the future. There are different types of transference and they all impact a different way…show more content…
Therapists are there that are also known as an all-knowing guru, ideal lover, or a master of person’s fate. In the report, “Transference” by, it believes, “Proponents of psychoanalysis believe that transference is a therapeutic tool that is crucial in understanding an individual’s unconscious or repressed feelings.” This creates an understanding of how an ability of one person can heal one’s unconscious feelings. In short, therapy is there to help a person if they’re dealing with a type of transference that they can no longer handle on their

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