Transfiguration In Religion

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Surely the impact of a miracle such as this would have led most to write about it. Let us consider the possibility that only those who needed the witness and were prepared to receive it experienced the miracle.

For instance, Apostles Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Willard Richards, and Wilford Woodruff all made journal entries the day of the meeting, August 8, 1844, but made no mention of a transfiguration. Although Woodruff does mention the transfiguration in a letter a year later, perhaps some of these men did not need to receive a witness of Brigham Young as they already had a knowledge of the truth. Clearly, they already knew in their hearts and minds that the Church should now be lead by Brigham Young and the Twelve. Maybe, as
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When President Young began to speak, one of them said, “It is the voice of Joseph! It is Joseph Smith!” The exclamation of the other was, “I do not see him, where is he?” Well, the thought occurred to my mind respecting the Scripture which President Young has just quoted—“My sheep know my voice and follow me.” Where is the one that recognized the voice of Joseph in President Young? Where is she? She is in the line of her duty. But where is the other? Gone where I wish she were not. The sheep of the good shepherd will follow the voice they know, but they will not follow the voice of a stranger.” (1869, Journal of Discourses…show more content…
With this in mind it is possible some missed the transfiguration because they were not ready to receive it. Van Wagoner hypothesizes that this legend of an actual transformation formulated over time; referencing the lack of transfiguration stories until years afterward. However, as we have shown so far, due to the miracle’s sacredness, the situation, and the incredible confirmation by over one hundred witnesses, this event cannot be explained as a myth that was constructed over time. Rather, due to its sacredness the bulk of accounts were written later

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