Transformation In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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A transformation is a thorough or dramatic change in an individual’s life. In Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, each of the individual characters go through their own forms of transformation. Demetrius goes through a transformation of his heart and character, that are created due to magic and conflicts. Bottom goes through a physical transformation that is more reflective of his outward characteristics. And Oberon endures an internal transformation that is completely natural, ironically, he is one of the most unnatural characters in the play. As the topic of transformation takes different form it’s common thread is shown through Demetrius, Bottom, and Oberon, that transformation is the completion of a character in the play, and magic…show more content…
His general demeanor is loud, commanding, and abrasive. As is shown when he calls his wife a “rash wanton” and demands “[the] little changeling boy to be [his] henchmen”(Shakespeare 2.1 49,105). Showing a before stage of his coercive nature. He does not let go of grudges easily as is demonstrated by his actions throughout the play. However, for being the most spectacularly unnatural character in the entire play, he has the most natural transformation out of the all the other characters. He goes from arguing with his wife and tricking her to fall in love with a man with an ass-head, to calling Titania, “his sweet queen”(Shakespeare 4.1 59). This is because he had just witnessed first-hand the consequences of incorrectly tampering with true love as Puck had done earlier when he confused Lysander for Demetrius and made him fall in love with the wrong woman. After seeing that he had realized how special what he had with Titania was. However, his transformation was incomplete since he really only changed now that he got everything that he wanted, but he is no longer causing any conflict with anyone in the story thus the completion of the
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