Transformation In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of The Darkness Of Darkness

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1. Marlow begins narrative in London on the Thames River, talking of his past expeditions on the deck of the Nellie. Six years he had traveled and started becoming restless in civilization. He describes his time in London as a mission to civilize the fellow shipmen. He then goes into his desire to explore, discussing his fascination with maps as a child.
It takes two days of preparations before Marlow begins his journey to the Congo. In the meantime, travels across the English Channel to Brussels in Belgium. There, he is cleared by a doctor who questions his mental state and tendencies toward madness. He speaks of and foreshadows the psychological toll that his quest will have.
Here, Marlow leaves the office feeling for the first time uncertain as to whether or not he should travel into the depths of the unexplored land, the Congo. He had traveled before, leaving within a day and not ever hesitating. He passes by again the old woman knitting black yarn on his way out of the office, symbolizing the Fates and foreshadowing death.
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He recounts the people who come by his door, asking for information on Kurtz’s and his work in the Congo. Marlow does his best to turn them away and shows apparent signs of the effect the Congo has on him, both mentally and physically. He experiences society with through a rather disconnected lense. He makes mention of those in Europe who will never being able to understand.
The last place Marlow travels in the novel is the home of Kurtz’s fiance, his “Intended.” After speaking with her, he realizes the depth of society’s self-deception and the pointlessness of enlightening her and the rest of the world. She sees only the good that existed in Kurtz, and Marlow knows that this image of Kurtz’s is what he should be remembered as and not the hollow man he became. By lying to the Intended about Kurtz’s final words, Marlow proves his loyalty to Kurtz and the civility that remains within
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