Transformation In Metamorphosis And Metamorphosis

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A Transformation

A transformation is when someone or something, makes or has something drastically change in their life. There are major transformations in The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, and in Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka. Gregor the protagonist in Metamorphosis, physically transforms into a bug and Celie from The Color Purple, transforms into a human that can love and these transformations change their lives forever.

Gregor Samsa undergoes a transformation that destroyed his soul. Gregor is an ordinary man. He is a travel salesmen that has a very dull life. He works everyday to support his family. This makes it all the more shocking when he wakes up one day and realizes that he has transformed into a bug! “When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin,” (part 1 p.76). Gregor is not dismayed by his overnight transformation but is only worried about getting to work on time. “The next train went at seven; to catch that he would have to make frantic haste and his samples weren’t even packed up yet;” (part 1, p 78). Gregor can barely get out of bed and he is worried about how he will make it to work. It is not until he interacts with members of his family that the effects of his transformation truly affect him. One day Gregor unintentionally makes his mother pass out due to his presence and his father becomes very angry. “Pitilessly his father came on, hissing like a wild man, If only his father did not keep making this intolerable hissing sound! It made Gregor lose his head completely,” (part 1). Gregors parents both
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Celie, from The Color Purple, experienced a positive change and Gregor from Metamorphosis experienced a negative change. Although the transformations effected the two characters differently, they both had major effects on their
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