Transformation In The Bean Trees

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There is always someone that is considered to be a catalyst of change in their lives and the lives of those that surround them. In the novel “The Bean Trees”, the main character named Taylor, who from a very young age, knows that she needs to make changes in her life if she is to not become like the other girls in her small Kentucky town. Taylor embodies a personality of progression and individuality. In the novel Taylor goes through different stages of transformation and learning toward personal maturity that can be divided into 4 major segments. Those segments being first her hometown life and when she decides to move away, second when she arrives to where she moved to, third her developments with the people she meets, and finally her final commitment she makes to…show more content…
She looked at her peers and saw how they will become exactly like their parents or worse before they even had a chance to realize or think about planning out their future. A clear example of this is Newt Hardbine. He was not able to continue in high school, but, instead had to work in the tobacco fields alongside his father. Newt then married a girl from the town, simply because the girl, Jolene had the opinion of “why the hell not” instilled in her by her father who shamed her for being a slut. Taylor knew from a young age, that this life was not for her. Her mother knew this as well in saying “Mama always said barefoot and pregnant was not my style. She knew.”(3) Taylor was not one to be content with being a man’s housewife. Her strong trait of independence was realized and taking action. This is furthered when the school’s science teacher was able to get Taylor a job at the local hospital. There she learns about various medical procedures and is able to gain a certain level of financial independence. Taylor continues to work there and live with her mother for five and
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