Transformation Of Gender Roles: Lady Brett Ashley, And Kate Hemingway

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Hemingway was born in the developmental period of the women’s movement; female consciousness was increasing. Women’s main task in this period was to push boundaries of natural, physical, moral and intellectual capacity, which were no different with men in that period, so there is no reason that does not give the same status in society as men. Therefore, they imitated men to smoke, drink alcohol; they would enter male-specific areas of activity in order to subvert the traditional gender structure, and then promote the reconstruction of gender roles.
In 19th century, society had divided male fields and female fields, males lived in the competition of the public world, so they needed to have tenacity of emotional and moral behaviours; and female are purity, devoutness and obedience. But in the 20th century, America produced neutral women, as opposed to traditional women. These types of women were called “new type of women” or “new gender of women”, they were more masculine, they mixed entertainment, business, and marriage together; their social status and ideology had changed a lot. Women started drinking, smoking and used divorce to end unhappy marriages.
In “The sun also rises”, Lady Brett Ashley and Jake Barnes represent the transformation of gender roles in the twentieth century. They are
Lady Brett Ashley is a “new type of woman”. Her principle is contradiction and confusion, and she is struggling to represent her kind. She believes that experience of the independent

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