Transformation Of The Modern Dance Culture

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Dancing has been a solid form of art since the ancient world, the movement of the body turns into something beautiful that can be appreciated by large number of people. It is not easy to be a dancer, not only because it is known as a low-occupational job, but also once you engage in dancing, your whole life and perspective will be different as well. Dancers believe in hard work and in dancing we learn how to trust and respect each other and how to be honest with yourself and the society. Ancient paintings and other artifacts shown women as the main role in dancing, but as time goes by, this myth slowly changes. Nowadays, we can see many males perform dance and seek career as dancers or choreographers.

This essay will discuss about transformation of the modern dance culture from it to be used by women as to escape the male dominated world to modern dance with the dominance of males in it. Here I am questioning this reversal of dominance. Is it because of modern world see dancing not just for female form of art but it has equal for men and women to be in the art or is it because women nowadays focus more on the equality in higher occupation job and leave modern dance behind and let the men take it over easily? Or is it the interest of women now is more focus on the higher occupational jobs?

About Modern Dance Culture

Modern dance was founded in Europe (specifically in German) and in America back in the 19th century. It was an act of the pioneers to
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