Transformational Leadership In Nursing Essay

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Critical Evaluation: 1- Transformational leadership In Nursing: personal life: Due to the continually metamorphic nature of this country's healthcare system, it's imperative for nurse managers to employ a transformational leadership style, which encourages adaptation to change. The transformational leadership style allows for the recognition of areas in which change is needed and guides change by inspiring followers and creating a sense of commitment. Adopting the qualities of a transformational leader will allow nurse managers to feel more comfortable and confident when engaging in the development of healthcare policies, the ever-changing components of healthcare technology, and the mentorship of new graduate nurses. Transformational leadership is also one of the five Magnet(R) components social life: A…show more content…
If the nurse does not have the tools to manage emotions and adjust to fit the mindset of the patient, the idealized state is lost. With the knowledge of TA the nurse will be able to address the how, what, and why the deviation from the idealized state exists from self or the patient. 5- Cultural Competency in the Nursing: personal life: In my personal life with the knowledge of cultural competency, This will enable nurse to collect relevant cultural data regarding the client’s presenting problem and accurately perform a culturally specific physical assessment, that will help make a clinical diagnosis for the client. Social life: Cultural knowledge, involves the process of seeking and obtaining an information base on different cultural and ethnic groups. Nurses can develop and expand their cultural knowledge base by accessing information offered through a variety of sources, including journal articles, textbooks, seminars, workshop presentations, Internet resources, and university courses. 6- Teamwork: personal
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