Transformational Leadership Literature Review

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1.4 LITERATURE REVIEW The researcher conducted an extensive review of literature pertaining to transformational and transactional leadership and their effect on employee engagement. 1.4.1 TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP Transformational leaders are seen to be inspirational in the sense that they strive towards the common good of their followers and the organisation as a whole. they do this by creating opportunities for their followers thereby influencing and driving an engaged and empowered culture. They are seen to be proactive and encourage innovatinve thinking amongst their team. Notje (2010) has decribed transformational leaders as leaders with the distinct ability ability to drive motivation and seek the best performance from their employees.…show more content…
H2: There is no statistically significant relationship between transformational leadership and overall dimensions of employee engagement. H3: There is a statistically significant relationship between transactional leadership and overall dimensions of employee…show more content…
he researcher used the MLQ to measure employees perceptions of their Store Manager’s leadership style. The MLQ was previously formulated from the Full Range Leadership Model which consists of transformational, transactional and laissez faire leadership behaviours with nine subscales. Bass & Avolio (1995) then went on to present the MLQ Form 5X with nine subscales of leadership styles. The researcher used the status of Store Manager (namely expatriate or local), transformational leadership and transactional leadership style as the independent variables in the
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