Transformational Leadership Philosophy

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The Philosophy of Transformational Leadership According to Grant (2012) transformational leadership is a philosophy that conveys a vision and creates action for change that focuses followers’ awareness on their contributions and mission accomplishment. Transformational leaders are known to be passionate and are able to articulate their vison to motivate followers. Roueche, Baker III, and Rose, (2014) suggest that a transformational leader is able to engage the follower in a manner that allows communication of needs to be reciprocal in nature. The process involved in the philosophy of transformational leadership, allows for the superior to coach or mentor followers. The goal would be to personalize and stimulate the follower in a manner that…show more content…
The leadership establishes a strategy that through clear communication will stir the emotions and inspire people to go past their self-interests in an effort accomplishment a mission. Roueche, Baker III and Rose, (2014) contend that the attention created by the leadership regarding the vision creates meaning and establishes trust. An organization moves forward through the communication of the mission and the deployment of key people. The transformational leader shares the vision and develops and encourages followers to trust that the mission will have a desirable…show more content…
The transformational leader strategizes a plan that emphasizes collective identities. To accomplish the vision the leader will build confidence and optimism, while citing core values and ideals. The leader focuses on how best to communicate that the change desired is good for all and that the followers support is crucial to success. Roueche, Baker III and Rose, (2014) propose that a leader with passion can accomplish an immense amount of achievements, if they can inject energy into their followers. The leader would need to focus on the development of a plan that allows followers to view the future and create excitement. The leader will have some followers who will buy into the vision immediately, while others will take longer to follow. The effort will cause a transformation within the organization. The leader will continue to find ways to continue in the intended direction. The leader will need to remain visible and continue to lead the effort, while achieving progress and monitoring their followers’ commitment. Effective and Ineffective Transformational
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