Masculine Leadership Style Analysis

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relation to parenting (Galbraith & Schvaneveldt, 2005). As women are more supportive behavior as compared to men (Gregory, 1990; Eagly & Karau, 1991), women transformational leaders could be more identified and trusted than male transformational leaders. The characteristics of Masculine leadership is being aggressive and analytical by showing the willingness to make a stand and assertive decisions Besides that, willingness to help others, caring, listening to and understanding others, group interaction and providing emotional support are the characteristics of feminine leadership.
Transformational leadership originated from charismatic leadership. The word charisma comes from the Greek word that means gift of grace. Charismatic authority is derived from faith in the leader’s exemplary character (Conger & Kanungo, 1987). Specifically, House (1977) maintains that the personal characteristics of the charismatic leader include a high degree of self-confidence, strong moral convictions, and a tendency to influence others
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Moreover, transformational leaders show to their subordinates how task should be accomplished with determination. Typically, they accept almost everything including risk to achieve certain goal and for innovation. However, this is not always good all the time. The entire organization and its operation will suffer if they always do immoral and unethical behaviors. Furthermore, generating ideas without merit is one disadvantage of transformational leadership. For example, leaders of transformational provided the innovative thinking that helps their team to think complex ideas by conducting workshops. By arousing intellectual curiosity and their creativity, it will help your group to think new ways to solve problems. However, if acknowledging procedure is not established, this strategy will let you generate ideas having a few or no
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