Transformational Leadership Report

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Hello. My name is Jessica Webster and I will be talking about transformational leadership. My experiences in leadership include pre-hospital as an EMT-paramedic for 5 years and an EMS program clinical instructor for 7 years. Additionally, I have been a registered nurse for nearly 8 years specializing in emergency care, intensive care, cardiac peripheral catheterization lab and procedural interventional radiology. Now, what if I told you that there is a better method for leaders to ignite their potential in a more effective manner when leading others? Without formal education, how do we even identify the type of leadership style we fall under? There are many approaches of direction such as transactional, laissez-faire, democratic and authoritarian.…show more content…
They are idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individual consideration (Doody & Doody, 2012). These four components are absolutely vital for leaders to possess to be successful. Idealized influence is demonstrated when high standards of morality are displayed. Leaders must have the ability to follow the organizations vision but then also maintain a vision of their own. Leaders must also be able to demonstrate that they can perform the same duties as their employees. This is what contributes to loyalty and respect. Let me share with you my personal experience of mine. I once had a manager that was always dolled up and wore stilettos to work daily. When we had codes in the ICU, all you would hear is the trotting of her heels as she came to “assist” the team. Our hallways appeared to be her runway. Unfortunately, she was never taken seriously or even conceded by staff to jump in and help. Sadly, the only idealized influence for role modeling she had on me as a young nurse was that she mirrored who I didn’t want to be as a leader throughout my…show more content…
Transactional leaders encourage staff to challenge themselves intellectually and to lead by empowerment in the workplace. Nursing practices necessitate the challenge of previous customs in order to stay current on evidence-based practices (EBP). As younger nurses continue to enter the nursing profession, they are bringing new insight to how practices can be conducted. They have fresh eyes. It is the transformational leader that blends new practices with the knowledge of seasoned nurses for the most optimal patient care experiences. One quality that stands out for nursing transformational leaders is the ability to make their followers feel valued for contributing to the nursing profession. The last component is of transformational leadership is individualized consideration. This is conveyed through performance reviews as well as daily praise. Low morale takes place when employees feel devalued. Leaders who provide positive feedback regarding individualized performance will increase self-esteem and job performance (Doody & Doody, 2012). It is suggested that the most constructive performance evaluation comprises of personal development plans as well as
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