Strategic Decisions: A Case Study

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AC 1.2 Analyse the impact of management and leadership styles on strategic decisions According to Chernett (2010) postulated that managers and leaders do not lead a single entity, being that everyone will have different needs and as well the need for strategic change of the organisaton. As such, it is of paramount importance for managers and leaders to recognize where they are developmentally and employ the appropriate leadership style (Chernett, 2010). Bear in mind that management must adjust and adapt to the business environment, including employees, corporate culture and advance technology in order to suit the surroundings. One such strategic decisions should benefit both the stakeholders and as well the organisation. Moreover, Real…show more content…
The character of this leader convinced his employees to exceed their performance in offering excellent customer service. This will aid to achieve the company’s objectives as well as improve the employees’ needs for achievement and self actualization (McCleskey, 2014). The Operations Managers at CIBCFCIB practiced the transformational leadership style where they inspire and motivate the team members to exceed their performance in providing high quality customer service and flawless delivery, and staff usually rewarded. In addition, operations managers and leaders provide learning opportunities and a supportive environment which increased efficiency. On the other hand, Transactional leaders focus on accomplishing their performance objectives, motivate employees through contractual agreement, stress extrinsic rewards and to avoid unnecessary risks (Burns, 1978 cited by McCleskey, 2014). The Retail Managers at CIBCFCIB adopts the Transactional leadership style by way of concentrating on clear organizational objectives such as increased customer base, customer service, reduced costs, and increased production in the banking industry. Moreover, he further stated that the relationship between leaders and employees exchange of satisfaction developed to maximize…show more content…
The impact, charismatic leaders has on strategic decisions is that managers encourage and provide avenues for innovation and so employees feel valuable to the organisation and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve the company’s goals and objectives (Ojokuku et al, 2012). The operations manager at CIBCFCIB practices this character of a charismatic leader, whereby the manager motivates individually to provide process improvements. As this will aid employees to write their performance plan which usually results in an excellent rating as well as a good bonus at the end of the year. Servant Leadership According to Page and Wong (2012 pg 2) defined a “servant leader as a leader whose primary purpose of leading is to serve others by investing in their development and well being for the benefit of accomplishing tasks and goals for the common good”. The impact this model of leadership has on strategic decision is that both leaders and managers promote sharing of power in decision making. He alluded that people and process are more important than tasks and organisational structure in achieving goals and sustained productivity (Page and Wong,

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