Transformative Essay: Birds In The Oregon Forest

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It was a sunny day in Oregon. Birds were chirping, deer roaming around the forest, and rabbits gently hopping around. However, this is not a normal forest. Things are not the way people usually perceive a forest. The craziest things can be seen. There have been sightings of giant millipedes or giant frogs, but not all the secrets of this Oregon forest have been resolved. “Finally, a place to hideout from these darn animals. I can finally do my research on these unusual animals in this forest,” says Bill. Bill is a tall strong guy. He looks to be about 6 feet tall and a confident looking guy. He looks to be in his late twenties. Bill tries to open the barn door, but it will not open. Bill hears something bristling in the bushes. He looks…show more content…
“You will accompany me on a mission to hunt down Mick.” “Who is Mick?” a confused Bill asks. “He is not like anything you have ever witnessed. If I don’t take him out today this whole world is going to fall apart. All of us will be gone, now that I have you, you might be useful to me.” Kenny gives Bill some weapons, but not the weapons Bill was thinking of. “So you are telling me that the only way to take this goon out is with an ice gun, a baseball bat, and a stupid mini suit.” “Hey don’t underestimate those weapons, that suit can save your life.” Bill agrees and heads out with Kenny. The two walk through the forest to arrive at their destination. Kenny says that they have to go to a mountain that has a hole with the shape of a UFO. As they walk along Bill and Kenny take out strange creatures like the multi-bear, which is a bear with 5 heads. They also encounter the shape shifter. The shape shifter can turn into anything. It can turn into any animal or even the person right in front of it. “Well we finally made it,” Kenny says in
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