Transformative Essay: The Miscalculation Of Time Travel

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The first thing you read is the title right? Well most of you all must be thinking about that 1985 movie right? Well at the moment I am not talking about the movie but , about the time travel and how it affects us. Have you ever wondered what going to happen to the things around you or more importantly the people you care about? Or how you will turn out to be?

What is time travel you ask? What started this whole time travel stuff you ask? Well all that started by a theory Albert Einstein created. The definition of time travel is simple it is to travel anywhere back or forth to the future or to the past, but some people get the miscalculation of time travel wrong . You might be wondering how there’s a miscalculation on time travel. As you
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All you really need is just a simple space ship that can handle properly to travel and also travel in the speed of light. And here 's another thing if you were to be on the edge of a black hole time would pass slower than usual.
When people think about time travel it 's the travel to the past or future right? Here 's the bad thing you cannot time travel back to the past and go see WW1 and what else. Going back into the past isn 't impossible but it 's more complicated to do so.Time and space is more like “wibbily wobbly timey wimey stuff” (doctor who) or in a more simpler way it is a four dimensioned tangled fabric of space which is called space-time. A bending in space-time is curved path that is called gravity.According to scientists, mathematically you can only go forward or backwards in a three-spatial dimensions, but the facts we live in a four dimensioned space-time we are only allowed to travel forward in time than going to the past which is not impossible but it 's a no can do at
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