Transformative Essay: The Role Of Gun Violence In The United States

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In 1776 our founding fathers wrote the Bill of Rights, ten rights that all American citizens would have. These rights protect and ensure the rights of all citizens from any government intervention. The second amendment guarantees that the right to own guns won’t be taken away. Many today do not realize why this amendment is here and believe that it is outdated, this is very wrong. A common misconception is that guns are only used for hunting and you don’t need and AR15 to hunt. Not only is that false but the second amendment has nothing to do with hunting. The second amendment is there to protect American citizens from any threats to their livelihood, whether that be a robber, any form of civil unrest, a foreign army invading or even a dangerous animal, the America people have always needed the safety of guns. Almost daily there are stories of guns saving lives that go unnoticed. Today many people are against gun ownership because they have never needed to use them or can afford body guards so that they won’t need to own guns themselves. Many claim that gun violence is on the rise and is the next plague on American society, while this couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are about two hundred million gun owners in this country and only a tiny fraction of gun owners commit crimes. Gun violence is only a major issue on television because of all the …show more content…

News personalities will bring up terms like “assault rifle” or “ high capacity magazine clip” without really understanding what those objects are, while at the same time forgetting that they are simply objects and that there is always a human behind the weapon (Pavlich). What most people don’t realize is that ninety percent of the time someone calls a gun an “assault rifle” it’s generally a modern sorting rifle. A true assault rifle is a gun that has features that are illegal for civilians, such as

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