Transformative Power Of Classical Music

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The transformative power of classical music was well implemented and very convincing. The main goal of the video was the idea that classical music is for everyone. In a proper framework when it is introduced, individually everyone should be able to relate the emotions that classical music reveals within their lives. In between the presentation, while he played a portion of classical music, he requested the audience to think of someone who they loved that had already passed away. This was to attract the audience into his message and it made them deeply experience the emotions that exist within the classical music. Zander, a great presenter, was very energetic on the stage that retained the audience’s attention. In his presentation, he usually includes body gestures such as hand gestures and nodding head, etc. several times, Zander walked into the audience and engaged with them. He also mentioned that only 3 percent of the population are classical music lover’s. So, his dynamic presentation style worked well enough to keep people’s attention to a topic that they may not be interested in. the presentation was success because of his passion for classical music and his wish to introduce it to the people. It’s not possible that a person who does not adore classical music would have created the response from the audience. Listening to classical music is both individual and collective experience. People in their own lives can relate individual level through sadness or happiness and

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