Transgender Athletes In Sports

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Transgender Athletes in Sports Sports have been around for thousands of years. Everyone has been involved in sports in some way. Whether it be in gym class, in highschool, with friends, professionally, or in the stands. Some sporting events are even viewed as national holidays, though not federally recognized, such as the Super Bowl (“The Super Bowl” par. 6). Overall, sports are fun to play and entertaining to watch. It is important that sporting events are kept fun and entertaining, and in order to do that all sports must be kept fair. If one athlete was on a performance enhancing drug that would ruin the fairness of the sport for the other competitors. In the past when athletes have been caught on illegal performance enhancing drugs they are forced to give their medals and titles back (“Stripped” par. 4). Athletes may also be suspended from competing professionally for a certain length of time, banned from a federation, or banned from ever competing professionally again and stripped of all awards or titles even if they were won under fair circumstances (“Stripped” par. 2 & 3). Is it fair if a biological male is competing as a female? Or is it fair if a biological female is taking testosterone shots to be a male and still competing against females who are not taking testosterone? A transgender person is defined as someone who feels they are the opposite gender of what they were born. A transgender male is a biological female who feels they are a male and lives as a male
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