Transgender Identity In Society

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Transgender identity in society is a group of people trying to hide their personalities to protect, hide or on the contrary, to show their true self to society regardless of people’s perspective. Even if they are trying to hide it, they will eventually slip and reveal their true self. On the other hand, some may intentionally expose their identity to public, for instance, transgender. The reason why I choose this topic is because there is no single explanation for why some people choose to be transgender to nowadays. I am interested and want to find out my own belief in what factors aspects that influence them, such as genetic levels, early or later experiences and cultures, which can contribute to the development of transgender identities. Transgender people may be visible, however, they are still objects of people’s curiosity and yet not able to be accepted with the right to lead their lives…show more content…
I would say like how we have to follow the role as how it is. For instance, everyone on earth are divided to man and woman based on externally observed factors. However, the transgender people contradict that assumption. They feel to be threatened by society because of this difference and vice versa. In my opinion, it is not the transgender who is terrible and it has nothing to do with them that cause society to act impolite. Well, hate and disrespect for each other is a human trait. To many people, gender roles are a fundamental part of their worldview, of how the world is and should be. To such people, the idea that these roles are changeable rather than set in stone, that a person can switch these roles, feels like an existential threat. The logical is something like ‘’if men can become women, then nothing is certain”. So they feel attacked and they react by lashing out. It isn’t the trans people that are terrible, it’s nothing about them that is terrible that causes people to act this

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