Transgender Informative Speech

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While walking into the restroom designated for your gender. you see someone of the opposite gender is following you into the same restroom. Would you feel apprehensive, scared, or violated if something like that happened to you? Yes, you would. Many people now think that a transgender restroom should be a common concept, and that it should be OK if a grown gentleman follows a little girl to the restroom. Transgenders only make up .3% of America 's population. I know this due to the fact that I have done extensive research on the topic of transgender restroom and, I believe that once you hear what I have to say I will have altered your mind for the better. I want you to feel concerned for the safety of the public, and informed on why transgender…show more content…
In addition to bullying that has started from transgender restrooms Boycotts from customers all over the United states are going to happen when stores start to allow transgender restrooms. When stores allow transgender restrooms the public is not going to shop at those stores just from the fact that that store has transgender restrooms. Consequently, these boycotts mean less income for the store and could possibly close the store down because of transgender restrooms.As a result more than 700,000 have pledged to boycott target for its transgender restrooms already and this is just the start for boycotts. Stores will close down because of transgender restrooms, people will have to move when their store closes down because of transgender restrooms, and the community will start to plunge all as a result of transgender restrooms. However, there is a way to prevent all this from starting and that way is to not have transgender restrooms in the first place. If we could stop the problem from the source then, the problem will not spread just like a…show more content…
Although I have discussed about bullying and boycotts, the prime reason transgender restrooms are a complication is safety. Some individuals may ask why were separate restrooms created? Male and female restrooms were created to separate males, and females from each other so that the two genders have privacy and safety while they are using the restrooms. Transgender restrooms ignore the purpose of restrooms.Transgender lavatories infringe the privacy of the opposite gender in a dangerous way. Transgender washrooms are most of all a safety endangerment for everyone involved. Transgender restrooms will be swimmingly abused because there will be no “potty police” standing by the restroom doors at all time, so therefor there will be no way to control the transgender lavatories and there would be no way to tell if someone is transgender or not. Therefore, the transgender restrooms will make it easier and faster for pedophiles and rapist to get to their victims in a closed location. Parents will not feel safe when they are letting their children run to the restroom to a store knowing the fact that any grown adult from the opposite gender could be waiting in there, for the next child to walk in. Letting your child go to the restroom by themselves will be like letting your child wander the streets at night. You will have no clue who will be in there and no clue what could happen to

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