Transgender Issues In Schools

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James is a 16 year old Mount Roskill Grammar School (MRGS) student that has been born as a boy but feels like he 's in the wrong body so he wants to be a girl. In this scenario his attitude to the school that he attends which is MRGS is every open to transgender students and lets transgender students go to the same sex gender as they identify with in P.E. Also there are about 5 transgender students in the school, that he knows which makes his attitudes to the school really respected and feels a lot more comfortable being in the school over, being with his family. His attitude towards his parents is not really open, because he is keeping a huge secret from them that he is transgender. He has been keeping this away from them because his family is really religious and if he told them they would probably banish him from the church and he does not want to destroy his relationship with his parents. This is mostly why he hides his sexuality from people and does tell people that he wants to be a girl. The only people he has told is the school counsellors in MRGS. He has…show more content…
They do not accept transgender just because of their religion. If the people in James church found out that he was a transgender, then he would be banished because of it. This is effecting James well-being in a negative way because he does not know what to do because he does not want to destroy and humiliate his family just because he feels like he is in the wrong body and wants to be a transgender person. By doing this he hides this huge secret away that is clouding him and he does not know what to do. This is unfair for James because it isn 't his felt that he feels like he is a in the wrong body and should be a girl and he is being punished for it and it 's really going to affect his life if he does not be himself and be open about his sexuality. This is why he seeks for help and advice at school and talks to
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