Transgender Schools Persuasive Essay

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Mia Gutierrez
Persuasive Essay
“With using the staff bathroom, I felt like I was being segregated off, like, ‘Here are the boys, here are the girls, this is me’”” (Miller). Being in the 21st century, there are a lot of things we have seen in the public eye. One item is the transgender youth community. Someone who is transgender or “trans” means, “Denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not confirm unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender” (Google). Some schools are against letting transgender students use their sexual identity’s facilities (locker rooms/bathrooms), doing this to students in publically funded schools is discrimination and schools should pay a price.
Proposition 2 is an important topic as more and
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Miller, author of “A Transgender Teen Used the Girls’ Locker room. Now Her Community is Up in Arms.” and supporter, quotes from the transgender student, “…Perry said she was tired of being “segregated” because of being transgender” (Miller). Being transgender, I am sure is hard from bullying and other hardships, but bathrooms and locker rooms should not be one of them. Being separate from who you identify with can be tough, in their case, with females. Separation between the gender identity and biological facilities is a type of segregation, almost like in the 60’s, just in this case it is the fight for gender equality. Miller further quotes from the teen, “‘I wasn’t hurting anyone […] “I am a girl. I am not going to be pushed away to another bathroom’” (Miller). Being shoved away from their identity’s facilities is wrong in many ways, one being that everyone pays taxes, which funds public schools, this transgender teen pays their taxes to go to school but gets treated differently than the rest. Schools shunning Trans teens for wanting to use their sexual identity’s facilities is completely unacceptable just because they are focusing on genitals instead of mentality. Miller concludes by stating “But how long
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