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Transgenders in the Military Protecting our country is the military’s main goal. Soldiers spend weeks away from home to go through basic training, where they are changed mentally and physically to have the mindset to protect our country. Months to years pass by until a soldier can see their family again after being deployed; they are unable to come home whenever is necessary for them. Being in the military means having a strong mental mindset, and being able to commit to a time commitment for many years, that people going through the transgender process do not have the ability for.
The process of becoming a transgender person entails mental, emotional, and physical instability. While going through basic training, one experiences changes in
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Those who are going through the process of becoming a transgender person should not be allowed to enlist and go through basic training until their process has been completed. This will allow the transgender person to avoid the extra burden of changes in physical and mental health, it will eliminate the cost for the government to pay for the surgeries, and it will give the transgender person more available time to go to appointments. Once the transgender person has finished the transition, they should be allowed to enlist in the military because they will be able to commit to all aspects of the military and basic training. By waiting until they can be fully commited, our military will be stronger by all transgender people have to…show more content…
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