Literature Review On Transient Global Amnesia

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ARTICLE REVIEWED: -by vignesh balasundaram
Is a Cancer Diagnosis Associated with Subsequent Risk of Transient Global Amnesia?
JianweiZhu1, 6*, DonghaoLu1,Olafur Sveinsson2, KarinWirdefeldt1,3 KatjaFall4, FredrikPiehl2, UnnurValdimarsdóttir5, FangFang1
The whole article describes the situation in which the cancer diagnosis process may lead to transient global amnesia {TGA}. Transient global amnesia is a neurological defect which is temporary but may involve total disruption of short-term memory which could be either retrograde or anterograde which is either past memory or the newer one. It is common in age group of 50-80 years and an incidence of 5-11 per 100,000 individuals. The condition
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The research yet seems to become a failure that cancer diagnosis most probably not associated with transient global amnesia. It failed to provide sufficient results to prove the above mentioned concern. Also the article failed to provide the reasonable cause for transient global amnesia. Still the etiology of the defect remains unknown. Though it is a failure, the article correctly describes the epidemiology behind the survey because, that was the first research ever to relate cancer diagnosis and transient global amnesia. The article describes cancer diagnosis may lead to severe stress which may give rise to transient global amnesia, but the reason for connecting the TGA with stress is not properly mentioned in the article, starting the survey with a hypothesis. The article correctly describes the hospital-based evidences which are required for the evidence-based study and those studies showed some sort of prevalence. The aim of the project and the survey ended up in a different discussion that transient global amnesia is commonly…show more content…
The ascertainment both cancer and transient global amnesia are clearly given in the article. The hospital-based evidences are not too wider. Though the data were lot, the result of the article didn’t relate the aim of the article. Above all the article has a wide data which may be useful for any other studies. The discussion of the article defines that both physical and mental stresses may lead to transient global amnesia but only based on evidence. The survey was also only under a small range of population. But when went for five million Swedish population, but gave negative results. The identification of TGA in the study relied on hospital administrative records (i.e., inpatient and outpatient hospital visit), and as a result they were only able to identify TGA cases admitted over-night in a hospital or treated by a hospital-based specialist. The strength of this study is a large scale cohort study. The validation of hospital-based study was taken only from two hospitals which is not sufficient enough. The statistical analysis also included incidences among various types of cancer such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, etc. After excluding certain factors such as economic

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