Transition From Childhood To Adulthood

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When I first began high school, I went through a difficult couple of years, which not only challenged me but also marked my process of transitioning from childhood to adulthood. My first two years in high school I dealt with immediate death within the family, self-identity issues, and other personal issues in which I did not begin to fully deal with until the latter half of my sophomore year. My freshman year was difficult for me because I had to adjust myself to new surroundings and people whom I had no relationships with. Though this was not difficult for me to overcome, I still struggled with my self-identity in which I would not come to terms with and be open about until the prior year. No person should have to face death early on in his or her life, but unfortunately I had to in my first year of high school. This affected me not only academically but also emotionally; and over a period of time, I was able to deal and get over one of these early obstacles in my life. Though this was an unfortunate time for my family and I, I would consider this one of the steps where I began detaching myself from my childhood and placing myself in to early adulthood. The following year however, I would consider being more challenging than the prior because this…show more content…
My maturity level from now to when I first started high school has changed because I have grown from my experiences, bettered myself, and become more a sociable and open person. This has also affected me because I have improved academically as well. I have become more of an independent and responsible person, which I know can be seen through my work ethic because I put my time and effort in to making sure I know the material that I am learning and my work ethic also reflects that. I, also, began to challenge myself academically through taking AP and honors
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