Transition Literature Review

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Literature Review Transition In literature, there exists different definitions and description of the transition process. Gluckman (2011) suggested transition process has several stages and is a factor of the certain stage in life. Therefore, it does not depend on the chronological age of a child. Gluckman (2011) further adds to this claim by stating that failure to access some important social services increases the level of stress of the ASD patients. However, this study excluded who record key deviations in life such as the transition from high school. The definition provided for the term transition relies on the perspective of change in one’s life that occur if the results in a change transform one behavior and social relationships. However, this definition does not provide the extent to which one 's behavior should change for a proper transition to occur. Many factors lead to a change in the behavior of an ASD child. According to Merkus & Frey (2010), the transition is a change that is capable of transforming the behavior of a person and depends on biological factors, sociological conditions, and environmental factors or historical background. However, the process of transition provides opportunities for emotional growth as well as negative repercussions of possible psychological weakening (Damour, 2017). Damour’s definition fails to account for the impact of ASD’s patient psychological effects on the transition process. This description suggests that transition is a
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