Transition To Teaching Styles

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As you grow older, you will face many challenges. As l have grown up, I 've had the opportunity to live all around the country. It has been great to live in so many different places and I have viewed the experience as an awesome adventure but there are cons that go along with this lifestyle. Some of these cons consist of having to transition to a new system and how a school works and having to adjust to different teachers ' teaching styles. Different states teach different topics at different times therefore I have had to adjust to lessons that the students have mastered but I 've never seen before. Having to transition to different teachers ' teaching styles is an academic challenge I have had to face before. A specific time was in the eighth grade and I I had to go from a very hands-on teacher to a indirect…show more content…
Learning a topic while everyone else has seen the material before and you have not see it is an academic challenge. I believe it 's a challenge because the teacher expects you to know what they are teaching so they can keep the class moving. I believe it is also a challenge because you have to figure out how to do certain steps fairly quick so you won 't fall far behind. On specific time was when I was in the sixth grade and I had to figure out how to solve integers fairly quick without having a full lesson on it. I believe having to figure out a new system and how a new school works is an academic challenge. Transitioning to a new school means you must make new friends. I think that if you don 't have a good social life at school, you can 't really do well in school grade wise. I think that if you don 't have a good social life at school than that leads to not liking school and then you won 't do very well on your grades. Even with the cons, I 've loved moving to different places and I think without that aspect of my life I would be the person that I have become especially academic wise. Moving around has taught me to become flexible
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