Transitioning To College Essay

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Change is a part of life. With change we grow and learn about ourselves and as well as others. Transitioning to college from high school is a substantial adjustment. Coming from a small high school and knowing all my classmates was a blessing but it did not prepare me for the shift in environment that I am now in, a large university. Yeonmi Park was faced with hardship and human trafficking and had to adapt to survive. Although my transition was not as harsh, it still rattled me. Change is inevitable and I have learned to accept and appreciate it. With the first few weeks of college under my belt, I have experienced the change that is adjusting to new surroundings. I come from a fairly small town where most of the neighbors know each other…show more content…
People were patient and caring. No one was ever in a rush in my county. Yeonmi’s communist country is suppose to care for all. In North Korea, the people share duties. We both now have transitioned to fast paced lives. I live at Florida International University, which is in Miami, where everyone has a place to be; whether it be class or a party. Yeonmi’s escape led her to fast paced countries like China and South Korea. Everyone has their own agenda’s there as well. Getting accustomed to the fast pace of the university and of the city can be tiring but Yeonmi has done this several times.
As a recent college freshman I have foregone an adjustment period. I have gotten to know my way around campus by using maps and asking others for directions. Transitioning from a slow paced life to a fast paced, is exciting and scary just as it was for Yeonmi Park who had it tougher. My struggle of fitting in is similar to Yeonmi who did her best to blend in with the locals in the countries where she was a refugee. We both endured change and will continue to face it time and time again. Without it we cannot evolve as humans and learn from our past. Yeonmi and I have changed for the
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