Transitioning To High School Essay

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Becoming as upcoming students from middle school transitioning to high school can be a scary experience for many freshmans. Having different fears such as getting late to their classes the first week, not knowing who to talk to in their new classes, and what type of teachers they are going to get. A few ways that I overcame my fears as a freshman is by not getting lost in the school building, overcoming hard-work plus a lot of homework, and making a few new friends.
First on how I overcame my fear by not getting lost in a totally complete big and new building. For example, asking around helped get to the classes more easily and more quickly so being late would not be a problem. When I was lost I looked around for someone older like a staff
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Going into highschool, usually students tend to have a difficult time still being close with their old friends and begin to drift away. In middle school I made friends and I stuck with them for the rest of middle school. Coming into high school my old friends were in a different building or attended a different class and I was scared of making new friends. After a while of getting used to the school I made friends with people who went to the same middle school as me which made it less scary. More often than not students fear the cafeteria and I as a freshman had that fear because it was filled with different grades from 9th to 12th graders. Since I barely had any friends in the same building I was scared of the cafeteria because I did not know who or where to sit. I quickly overcame that fear because i found a group of sophomores who kindly welcomed me to sit with them and we bonded pretty quickly. In high school freshman 's are usually separated from their old friends making them scared to make new ones but easily overcome it by making new ones with new people.
I conquered my fears in many ways but there are three main ways that solved my problem of being afraid of going into highschool as a freshman. Being in high school means having bigger responsibilities with my time and having tougher expectations than in middle school. Asking
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