Translation And Translation: The Role Of Communication In Relationship

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Language is a basic need of human beings to interact with one another. As a tool of communication people use it to express their needs, ideas, thoughts, and feelings. In our daily interaction with other people, communication can be done through speaking and writing. The message of the conversations which is the most important part of the conversation should be delivered from the speaker to the listener. When someone speaks a foreign language to communicate, we need someone else who is able to interpret/translate what the speaker means. In this globalization era along with the modern technology development, there is almost no barrier for one human being to another to do social interactions. However, in such a kind of interaction, when a communication happens between two or more than two persons who are involved in a situation and they have different language backgrounds, interpreting is conducted to avoid the barrier if they do not understand each other’s language. In order to bridge the conversation between those participants, an interpreter is needed to facilitate those having difficulties to understand different languages in communication. The existence of an interpreter becomes important to help people to interact in communication with different languages. Translating and interpreting are quite the same: both involve transferring of thought and ideas. On the surface, the difference between interpreting and translation is only in the medium: an interpreter translates

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