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Translation - An Advanced Resource Book by Basil Hatim and Jeremy Munday This book is divided into three sections and 14 units. Each unit is discussed in all of the sections. In each unit, section A introduces the important concepts related to all the areas of translation and provides such tasks which motivates the user to think through the theory. What is Translation? Translation is the observable fact that has significant impact on routine life. It may include the translation of highly valuable international treaty or it may involve an advertising poster that provides some information to the customers or conveys some message to the visitors in a hotel or restaurant. (Hatim and Munday, 2005, p. 03). Problems in Translation The main problem faced by a translator is the lack of word by word matching between languages. This is fact that each and every language has its own manner of depicting incidents or reality and the translator have to take the unique aspects of both the source and target languages into account while translating. These differences among various languages becomes highly evident when the exact true meaning of text is highly important. A lot of work has been done to overcome this problem and extensive analysis of meaning of words in various languages are…show more content…
The French source text mainly adopts informal form with extended structure without subordinate clauses, although, it incorporates simple lexicon. On the other hand, English doesn't take formal and informal into account, you can say it is condensed with enhanced lexicon. An important thing to consider here is whether there should be a shift or not if both the languages have different set of conventions? This can be considered as the realm of choice and servitude (Hatim and Munday, 2005, p.

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