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Translation has always had many effects on various aspects of human life and has played an important role in conveying ideologies among different nations and has subsequently led to the globalization of thoughts. As Munday (2012) reminds translation was already studied as a method for learning languages or as an item in comparative literature, translation workshops and contrastive linguistics courses. But the study of translation as an academic discipline is related to the second half of the twentieth century which was called 'translation studies ' by James S. Holmes (1988b/2004). It is clear that translation criticism is one of the important areas of translation studies, taken as a crucial element in translation procedure. Yet, to minimize a translator 's ideology and bias translation criticism according to a theoretical framework has always been challenging for translation studies. Thus, critical discourse analysis (CDA) as a 'Three-dimensional ' framework (Fairclough, 1995) could be used for this end.
As Bloor and Bloor (2007) state, sometimes the word 'critical ' may be misleading.
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Based on Wodak (2001), the purpose of CDA is "analyzing opaque as well as transparent structural relationships of dominance, discrimination, power and control as manifested in language. In other words, CDA aims to investigate critically social inequality as it is expressed, signaled, constituted, legitimized and so on by language use (or in discourse)" (p. 2). Then, Fairclough and Wodak (1997) elsewhere pronounce the aim of CDA as making "the ideological loading of particular ways of using language and the relations of power which underlie them more visible" (p. 258). In addition to the above cases, according to Bloor and Bloor (2007) the aims of critical discourse analysis are as

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