Translation Of Juliet And Poet: Characters Of 'Romeo And Juliet'

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Romeo and Juliet Translation Characters Capulets / Feyenoord: ● Sampson - Clasie ● Gregory - Vermeer ● Tybalt - Kazim ● Capulet -Rutten ● Lady Capulet - Rutten’s wife Montagues / Ajax: ● Benvolio - Schöne ● Abram - Cillessen ● Montague - De Boer ● Lady Montague - De Boer’s wife Scene 1, Act 1 Sunday morning: The Coolsingel, Rotterdam public place. Clasie and Vermeer from Feyenoord enter the square.) Clasie Vermeer I swear on my mother we will not be picked on by those dogs. Vermeer Of course not, then people would look at us like we are the dogs. Clasie What I 'm trying to say is, if they make us mad, we hit and we hit hard. And if I’m angry, I will not hesitate to strike. Vermeer Even though it 's very hard to make you angry. Clasie Not if it 's one of those dogs of Ajax. Vermeer Yeah sure, but they make you scared instead of angry, you never fight. Clasie If I see one of those dogs, I’ll kill 'em. Vermeer Well, this fight is between the coaches, so we will fight for them. Cillessen and other Ajax players come in Vermeer Quick, get your sword out, there are some Ajax dogs. Clasie My nude Bat is out, ill defend you. Vermeer You won’t, you will run. Like you always do. Clasie Wait don’t start a fight, let them or else it’s against the rule. Vermeer I’ll just look angrily at them and see what happens. Clasie No, let me put my favorite finger up, they can’t stand that (Puts his middle finger up.) Cillessen Are you putting your middle finger up at us? Clasie I am

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