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Translating is a process of transferring words from source language into target language. It requires knowledge in both source language and target language since every language differs from one another. When translating, preliminary observations have shown that translators especially students tend to use literal translation techniques when translating texts from English into Malay (Intan Safinaz Zainudin & Norsimah Mat Awal 2012).

The difference in the cultural environment influence the use of words chosen by translators when translating from source language to target language. This was proven by the difference of culture between eastern countries and western countries. While western people tend to
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Thus, copies of the books have been made and translated to fill the need of readers all over the world that are in dire need to understand the story better. Translating the books into the mother tongue of the reader helps them to understand the story better. Unfortunately, problems rise as a result of the translation.

The use of adjectives from second person view chosen by the translators when translating the books from English into Malay sometimes confusing the reader, thus blocking the main purpose of helping the readers in understanding the book better. The weird words chosen during translating made the sentences looks out of place. Translators also face some difficulties in translating, for although they are competent enough in both source language and target languages to do translation, the difference in language families and cultural environment prevent them from doing so.

Thus, this research aims to find out and analyze the procedures of translation used in translating adjectives from second person view in the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets into the target language text Harry Potter dan Bilik Rahsia.

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Other than that, researcher wishes to contribute to the community of translators by giving some example and future references for other translators to adapt their translating styles if they wish to do translation for fictional text or genre in the future.

Moreover, researcher wants to help those who wish to take translation or taking translation on the correct way to translate adjectives, especially the adjectives from second person view. Since adjectives from second person view are indeed a lot, this research thus will be the summary of translating adjectives from second person view and help out future researcher as references. Researcher has also included guidelines in translation to help future translators through the rough road of translation.

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